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Century 21 Bismarck North Dakota

Tab Thompson

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Ron & Arlene Volk
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Home Affordability Calculator

How much house can I afford? This Affordability Calculator can help you get an idea of the largest mortgage and property sales price you can afford based on your current financial status. Keep in mind that this calculator should not be used in place of getting qualified for a mortgage by a lender. Lending programs and underwriting guidelines are subject to change and there may be programs that you qualify for that vary significantly from the results provided here.
Enter Data Here   Your Estimated Results
Monthly Income - $   Maximum Mortgage Amount
Monthly Obligations - $   Down Payment
Down Payment - %   Property Sales Price
Closing Costs - %   Closing Costs
Buyer(s) Available Cash Funds   Down Payment & Closing Costs
Savings & Cash - $   Funds Surplus / Shortage (-)
Taxes and Insurance   Monthly Loan Payment
Annual Property Tax - %   Monthly Property Tax
Annual Hazard Insurance- %   Monthly Hazard Insurance
Annual Condo Fee - $   Monthly Condo Fee
Loan Parameters   Monthly PMI Insurance
Annual Interest Rate - %   Monthly Housing Expense
Loan Term in years